From the start:

Overthink Studio was born out of the need of distill something constructive out of an innate tendency to overthink.

Scattered across the world (much like their toughts across their minds) this group of overthinkers meets into this one project.

Here they pour all of the shared interest, they season them with a passion for trivia and (hopefully useless) factoids and finally bake the whole thing with love into delicious hand-made games.

Niccol├│ Fioritti

co-founder, spaghetti code
and graphics

Born in Milan, he now forgets to sleep in London. There he became a certified Dr. in fish eyes (it's a long story...).
He is mostly found hanging upside down climbing holds. 

Giorgio Vezzini

co-founder, audio
and spaghetti code

He travelled the world doing what he does best: avoiding sleep and snoozing alarms.
He loves audio gear. And cats.

Marco Garbelli

2D artist

He wanted to be a scientist, then he moved to Zurich to become a certified circus fish handler and ended up doodling for coin.
He survives on coffee and tv-series.

Overthink with us!

We're always looking forward for new projects and collaborations!
If you have questions or you want to have a talk write to us