During the day, a sound designer and a molecular biologist,
But when the night falls…
...they start to think....
Okay, maybe a little bit more..
...and they forget to sleep...

OverThink Studio is the attempt to build something constructive out of an innate tendency to overthink.
Born and bred in Milan, Italy, we, Giorgio Vezzini and Niccoló Fioritti, met a good while ago and discovered (out of incredibly fragmented and impossible to trace conversations) to be two random-stuff-barely-filtered enthusiasts… and overthinkers.

As all of our stories, also the seed of this idea has been found in front of a shared burger (probably on a shared burger: a misguided sesame seed) that grew, years after, into OverThink Studio (and not, sadly, into a burger tree).

OverThink Studio gives us the chance to merge all our shared interests in a single project: music, visual arts, games, science(?), all seasoned with a passion for trivia and (mostly useless) factlets and baked in hand-made delicious games.

We love puzzle, we love that incredibly annoying feeling of itch in the brain that comes out when an idea start to move, shake and wiggle in the back of the eyes, struggling to hatch out of the mind.

We think that building puzzle is the best puzzle, and we are overthinking them to infect you with our same itch.
Hoping to see you scratching your brain.


People with many hours of sleep behind

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Giorgio Vezzini

Co-Founder, Audio and bad Code

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Coffee Machine

Co-Founder, graphics and bad code

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Co-Founder, graphics and bad code

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Guys that brings takeaway food


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